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  • Coz We are Running in a Circle

  • Get Hypnotised by our Hand Made Mandala Patterns

Coz We are Running in a Circle

Get Hypnotised by our Hand Made Mandala Patterns Shop Now

Let's Run in the Sacred Circle of Mandala



Authentic & Original Hand Made Mandala inspired T's crafted for comfort. Its said what you wear it reflects on the surrounding so try out from the many designs provided here which will instill a feeling of calmness and satisfaction. 

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Try out our new and unique Hand Made Mandala designed masks. You can step out in style and add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch.

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Hand Made Mandala inspired clothing, crafted for comfort. These designs go very well with metropolitan culture, thinkers theme and off course create a soothing atmosphere where ever you go it wearing. 

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Hand made Mandala inspired Tapestry made to stand out and create an exceptional coziness providing a sense of calmness and completeness, tapestry serves as an interior element to express oneself. 

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Lighten the mood and create a peaceful and calming atmosphere by using our pillow cases having prints of Hand Made Mandalas. These pillows will let you personalize space with designs that fits everywhere.

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Hooded Blankets

Get our Hand Made Mandala inspired hooded blanket in your life which truly portrays your inner being. Many of the themes include Luxury, Calmness, Inner Energy and many more ,we have one for everyone!

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Get our Hand made Mandala inspired Sherpa Fleece Blanket in your life which truly portrays your inner being. The perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events.

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All Over Print Women's Dresses

Step out in style and show the world your glamour with our Hand Made Mandala inspired Dress .These Mandala inspired dress are extremely comfortable and will make you stand out in parties or any other event.

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Haaa, what could be a better way to enjoy a beverage other than having it in a hand made Mandala inspired ceramic mug. The designs on the mug will definitely invoke the hidden thinker inside of you. 

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Tote Bags

Hand Made Mandala inspired Tote Bags which are unique and stand out. The designs carefully crafted by our expert designers which make the tote bag stylish as well as give a sense of calmness when looked at. 

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Posters inspire you to do something , to achieve something and these Hand Made Mandala inspired posters will give you the calmness to do it. Every room deserves to be special. Grab your Posters Now!!!

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A woman deserves comfort as she is the most important part member of laying the foundation of family or an organization. Try out our Hand Made Mandala inspired crisp imagery, vibrant colors and a soft touch elastic skinny fit leggings are perfect for any casual occasion in life.